The MACK Artisans Gift Shop is now well established and is thriving at the new location on Main Street! Thank you to our MACK members, new residents, and visitors for supporting our Aristans Guild and Gift Shop for stopping and shopping locally. Our shop features an extensive collection of high-quality, locally crafted artisan items. Support your local artisans and find special gifts and treasures for your loved ones. During this time we do request that all customers wear a mask, use the provided hand sanitizer, and respect our social distancing requirements.
The MACK Artisan Gift Shop’s regular hours of operation are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 – 4:00 and is located at 218 S. Main St, McCormick SC 29835.
If you are interested in joining our MACK Artisans Guild or wish to inquire regarding retail opportunities, please stop by to visit, email or call (864) 852-3217 for more information. Thank you to the McCormick Chamber of Commerce, our municipal leaders, Shaaron Kohl, and our community members for continuing to support the MACK Guild & Gift Shop as we successfully transitioned to Main Street!