Summer Arts Camps

Summer Arts Camps:

During the summer months the MACK typically provides six weeks of art camps for visiting and residential youth. Programs target students age 5 – 15 and vary to include painting, photography, music, pottery and world art. Multiple child discounts and scholarship opportunities are available to assist in providing accessible and affordable programs to the region. Summer camps are offered Monday through Friday to allow working parents a safe and nurturing learning environment to benefit their family. The camps culminate with an annual Summer Arts Camp Reception where the children’s art is displayed and family members, teachers and community representatives are invited to attend. The children are encouraged to discuss their learning experiences, and families are also encouraged to support and participate in the event.

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The McCormick Arts Council (MACK) is expanding our Summer Arts Camps to allow for 7 Weeks  of summer fun and creativity. This signature program is offered Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 12:00, and typically is designed for ages 5 – 15 years.  Students 16+ are encouraged to volunteer for civic service hours.  Fees are $25 per week.



Intro to Art – Creative Culture Camp /June 8 – 12 / $25

Students will focus on all foundations of creativity.  We will begin with summer journals, and continue with projects designed to encourage and challenge our students to explore and create.  This camp will introduce different forms of art.

TEEN Pastel Camp / June 15 – 19* / $25

Explore the world of pastels (chalk) using various forms of oil pastel, soft/hard pastels, brick pastel and pencil pastels. Emphasis will be on blending and shading of the pastels. Class conducted by Chris McMullen. *Students ages 12 – 18.

Painting Like the Masters Camp / June 22 – 26 / $25

Join the Masters of art during this fun camp where we learn about the greats in art and create masterpieces inspired by their work.  We use similar techniques and learn about the time period of the artist to fully engage our students.


Native American Camp / July 6 – 10 / $25

The Native Americans have a wealth of unique cultural offerings.  Students will learn about five different tribes and create art to honor this heritage, appreciate their art and share stories that have had a great impact on our history.

Fantasy Fun Camp / July 13 – 17 / $25

Anything goes in this camp for believers in all things mythical and magical. Unicorns, dragons, fairies, sphinx, centaurs, aliens will all be possible is the “what if” camp. Students will bring legends to life through their art and design.

Sculpture Camp / July 20 – 24 / $25

In this camp we will jump off of the page and create 3 Dimensional projects to tell a message.  Recycled art is a great way to send your community a message. We will be hand sculpting and engineering art that will communicate, with impact.

Around the World Camp / July 27 – 31 / $25

This camp will expose the students to a variety of countries, cultures and various unique art techniques.  We will travel the world while enjoying music, stories, food and art. This camp will keep our campers engaged and thinking globally.

Thank you to the Yoder-Rosenberg Family Foundation and the Walker Family.  Your support allows our programs to grow and serve the youth of this great community!

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