Youth Programs


 The McCormick Arts Council supports the local school systems, McCormick Children’s Home, recreation department and library with their ongoing youth programs. There are currently 843 students enrolled in the McCormick County School District, 618 of which are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program. This represents that within our rural county, 75% of the county’s youth are living within economic strife.

In addition, our organization also serves 77 children, infant to five years of age, who attend McCormick County First Steps and Head Start and John De La Howe, with 63 students, many of whom live on-site.


We are proud supporters of our school systems and have aided in continuing to improve the level of arteducation within the school district. The students of this community are still underserved and lack stable opportunities for diverse community programming. Our programs are designed to be accessible to all and to encourage creativity for a greater quality of daily life for our regional youth.



Providing an after school enrichment program for our Educational Partner – McCormick School District
Monthly Program to support our Educational Partners – First Steps and Head Start
Helping to close the 30,000,000 word gap in early literacy.
NEW! Fiber Arts Program Developing in 2016
(*Pending Instructor Confirmation / Schedule)
Music Instruction 


Piano – Private Lessons ($60 / per Month)
Guitar – Private Lessons ($30 / per Hr.)

Painting A Brighter Future – New! Announcing Spring 2016
6 Weeks – June – July
Exhibition: August, 5 2016


Arts Alive-10 IMG_7913
Homeschool Classes
Pastels – Chris McMullen  *
Pottery –  *
(*Pending Instructor Confirmation / Schedule)

Art Workshops, Music Lessons, Performances and Scholarship Program
In addition to the ongoing youth programs, the McCormick Arts Council coordinates individual music lessons, available on site at the McCormick Arts Council and utilizes the music studio and various pianos. Piano, pottery and painting workshops are offered throughout the year. Live dance and musical performances are performed at the MACK, especially during community events.

The McCormick Arts Council does accept contributions for students who need financial assistance with our art and music programming. We encourage able art advocates to consider offering a contribution for local students and volunteering as their schedule allows. Our community thrives as the arts offer a unique perspective of life.

Middle and High School Students – “Celebrating 100th Anniversary on McCormick County”
Exhibition: March 11, 2016

The annual Youth Art Month program provides to all regional middle and high school students an opportunity to exhibit their art work. A coordinated theme is introduced to faculty and students and is designed to incorporate elements of creative writing, historical events and cultural milestones. Young adults may submit their works in the hope of receiving awards which include MACK youth memberships, vouchers for summer arts camps, gift certificates and adult instructional classes. Resident artists participate by directly instructing 7th and 8th grade students during the month long program. The project extends the current curriculum and applies a theme, giving the students the opportunity to participate according to their interpretation. Awards are placed in three categories; Middle School, High School, and 3-Dimensional.

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