Visual Arts Program

Scott Class-6 IMG_3575Charlotte Royal's Oil Class 2013-a

McCormick Arts Council provides art education throughout the year. Programming includes painting with acrylics, oil, watercolor, drawing, pottery, piano, pottery, photography and portrait study. The visual arts program offers instruction for a variety of mediums and for all levels of ability. Nine resident artists operate directly on-site at the Arts Council; many are instructors at the university level and teach in conjunction with their accredited class schedules. Programs have been extended to include evening and weekend courses and workshops to create an accessible option for working adults. The subject material of most of the workshops define and express images of our local region and are further used in expositions as examples and evidence of our regional assets. Students have an additional opportunity to exhibit their work and begin transitioning into the role of instructor or retail artist.

2013 In Retrospect:

number served: 172 studentsMACK Student Exhibition 2014

57 points of instruction


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