Dinner with the Masters

Dinner with the Masters 

While enjoying the beautiful MACK park, participants are able to dine with the featured Master of art. Artists who have been selected include Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Salvador Dali and Wassily Kandinsky. Over a three-course dinner format, a lecture and performance is given to provide an educational and cultural experience.

Program Description:      

Adult educational program and Three Course Meal to provide an elegant learning opportunity to all members of our community.   The menu will be culturally accurate and adjust according to seasonal and locally available goods.  This program is to maximize our local partnerships and agricultural goods.

Featured Masters of Art to date:      


Leonard DaVinci – 4/15 /2011

Leonardo da Vinci was motivated by an insatiable curiosity and a fascination of the physical world.  He believed that art and science are two means to the same end: knowledge.  Through investigative study of anatomy and mechanics he mastered the art of communication and expression of science.

Thank you for joining us for an exploration into the art and cultural of this Italian Master.


Vincent Van Gogh – 4/2012


Claude Monet


Pablo Picasso


Georgia O’Keefe


Salvador Dali – 9/13


Sassily Kandinsky – 9/15

Henri Matisse – 4/16



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