Janice Grizzard 2013

Janice Grizzard- Executive Director

I have a very special affinity for McCormick, SC, having been born and reared here.  My parents descend from the German Palatines that immigrated to the small community of Londonborough, just north east of downtown McCormick. Childhood in McCormick was idyllic to say the least! In 1977 I married Royce Grizzard, from Savannah, GA, and we were blessed with a son, Josh.  In 1986 we moved to Northport, Alabama where I studied at the University of Alabama and worked as an accountant in the construction industry for 18 years. Upon my husband’s retirement in 2004 we returned “home” to McCormick where I began to volunteer at the MACK.  Little did I know that I would still be here nine years later! Having no “arts” experience, everything was a challenge.  With help from the then current board and founder Pattie McAbee I was able to proceed with providing programming to the local community.  By 56educating myself in the arts and having a good solid board, active members and a growing volunteer base the MACK was able to grow into a “local arts council with a regional service area.” That has become very evident by our 15,000 points of service in 2012. Past President, Ed Zeaser, always said, “Only good things happen at the MACK”.  I believe that and work daily to see that it is true.

Heather McNally - Program Director

In early 2007, I relocated to McCormick County from Virginia. I am proud and happy to call McCormick our town home. I have two little girls, Riley and Sydney.  Both girls love the arts, music, dancing, performing arts and call the MACK their second home. We enjoy the outdoor opportunities McCormick has to offer including hiking, biking, kayaking and camping all the while celebrating our local beauty through painting and photography. My position at the McCormick Arts Council (MACK) is Program Director. I enjoy working with many amazing volunteers, teachers, art appreciators and students. Since I began to work for the MACK, in 2009, I have also founded Clean Up McCormick and the McCormick Market, seen an increase in our membership by 40%, and have developed programs that I am proud to have touched the homes of nearly every student in McCormick County. I like to laugh that I am not an artist - my art is to put a paint brush in other's hands. I believe that arts instill an appreciation and love of humanity, nature and all things different.  By applying the arts in your day your quality of living improves, you are more engaged in your activities and are more innovative with managing daily needs.  I always tell the students - you can't spell either SMART or HEART without ART!

Lois Stricklin  - Office Assistant

Lois Stricklin My husband, Chip, and I arrived in McCormick in 2002, looking for a place to use as a hurricane escape from Bluffton, SC – a good move for the coastal region, since they have not had to evacuate since!  We fell in love with a place on the outskirts of McCormick and, after commuting every weekend for five years, moved here full time in 2007. I worked for Port Royal Landowners’ Association on Hilton Head Island for 16 years before “retiring” and moving to McCormick. At Port Royal I was accounting manager, architectural review board administrator, and Jill-of-all-trades - published monthly newsletter and various booklets and manuals, administered human resources, employee benefits, group insurance and 401(k) plan, took minutes at Board meetings, added articles and photos to website – whatever needed to be done! I joined the MACK as a volunteer in 2010.  In 2013 I was added to the staff to perform some of the day-to-day tasks (whatever needs to be done!) that would allow Janice and Heather more time for the MACK’s programs and all the many community-oriented projects they’re involved in! I believe McCormick Arts Council is a vital resource for our town and region. I’m happy to have found a new home at the MACK!
Danielle 2013

Danielle Hutton -   Assistant Art Teacher

  Danielle is a wonderful assistant.  She is kind and genuinely cares for children, is naturally artistic and sees the best in the world.  We work hard together but laugh and I love spending time with her. You will often find her working on a art project, helping bake goodies or joining an art lesson.   The MACK is fortunate to have Danielle.  


      Frank McMullen       Graphics Design
      Chris McMullen       Lead Youth Art Coordinator
      Linda Manion         Programming Assistant
      Mariska Young        Membership Assistant
      Pat O'Haire          Volunteer Coordinator
              Brenda Lang         Gift Shop Coordinator