Gallery Exhibit Application

MACKfront IMG_7737MACK has been named one of the nation’s best art communities in the Sunset publication  100 Best Small Art Towns in America, by author John Villani.  Since its inception in 1984, the MACK’s mission has been to provide art, culture and education to the region. We strive to help our region appreciate the importance of the arts in our society. Through exhibitions in the gallery, the diversity of talent that surrounds us is highlighted and recognized.


Art Center Responsibilities

The MACK works in partnership with artists to provide quality, professional gallery exhibitions. An agreement is executed and an exhibition time scheduled.  MACK will be responsible for installing and promoting the show and hosting a reception for the artists. MACK will also facilitate sales of work shown in the gallery.

Most exhibits are individual artists.  The MACK will match artists it believes will create an interesting, thought provoking exhibition if needed. We recommend that artists plan on delivering approximately 30 works for a show.  The Keturah has approximately 100 linear feet of wall space.   Not all works will necessarily be displayed. The MACK reserves the right to put together an exhibit that will show the artist’s work in the best possible way. MACK will have sole discretion in selecting the works to install.

MACK has a mailing list of over 300 members and community VIP’s.   MACK will design and print 400 postcards for each show. Of these, a fair quantity will be made available for the artist’s use. Artists may have MACK send these announcements to addresses on their own mailing list if the list is presented timely and in excel format.

MACK will design and print a gallery guide which includes the artist’s biography and/or artist statement.  Also, included will be a listing of all pieces on display along with prices, etc.

MACK is a 501(c)3 non-profit community based organization. A 30% commission will be held on all sales.


Artist Responsibilities

Artists are responsible for creating and delivering the work to the gallery at the agreed upon time.

All works should be ready to hang (wired – no saw tooth) or display and all work should be completely dry.

Labels identifying each work should be attached to the pieces.  Title, medium and price should be included.  Not for sale should be listed as NFS.  We prefer the list to be sent digitally in Excel format to

Submitted  images of work should be representative of the work to be exhibited.

Artists will cooperate in publicizing the exhibition by providing images for use on the postcard and by providing biographical information and/or artist statement, in a timely fashion (usually within two  months before the show).

The MACK insures work exhibited in the gallery and has a modern alarm system.  A docent is always on duty during normal gallery hours

Artists should plan to be at the opening reception, usually held on the first Friday night of the month of the exhibition. Most people who attend the reception enjoy meeting the artists.

Artists are welcome to provide the gallery with business cards for display.


The MACK screens applications for exhibition by jury.  Four professional artists will review the application and images with a recommendation to the Executive Director.  Accepted artists will be contacted by the director.  


Exhibition Application 

Please complete the MACK Gallery Exhibit Application and return along with images to:

McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah, Inc. (MACK)MACK Logo 2013 - Color

115 South Main Street

P. O.  Box488

McCormick, SC  29835










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