Civic and Corporate Partners

Dear corporate citizens and business partners:

Have you considered how to develop a socially responsible outreach program with our great community?  Please consider adding value to our community through supporting McCormick County’s cultural center – The MACK.  There are numerous ways we can provide a positive impact to our community and we have a vision to be the foundation for cultural development in McCormick County. A gift to provide operations support, restoration aid, programming resources or becoming a patron in an annual giving program, your business or organization will help develop impact for our community.  We guarantee you will have high visibility and maximum regional recognition for your corporate citizenship.

Try a starter commitment opportunity – consider helping to build our monthly Artist Exhibitions.  We have a vision to provide unique art, music and community connections by adding value to a very successful program.  Since the Fall of 2015 we have seen a 20% increase in public participation and would love to have a partner to help engage these cultural supporters.  We have also expanded, increasing our economic impact and downtown heritage appreciation by uniting our cultural partners for our ART TROTS.  Your company could really shine by committing as a corporate citizen of our developing McCormick County.  Consider giving through culture and make a lasting impact.

Consider booking your sponsored exhibition now! 2017 awaits …. We are looking to confirm a regional sponsor for our monthly artist exhibitions.  Impact includes website, emails, newspaper and magazine articles and well as the hosting opportunities to maximize your support of McCormick’s cultural center.  Interested corporate citizens and businesses are critical for the advancement of our community’s cultural opportunities.  Please allow us the opportunity to unite our efforts in healthy growth for our community.

Sponsor a Signature Program – With so many opportunities to support McCormick through advancing opportunities in art, culture and education we can create a climate of creativity in our community.  Programs range from serving 5 – 500 and are offered throughout the year to youth, adults and the community at large. Consider the benefits of putting your company directly in view of the citizens that reside near your facility.

Scholarships and Student Sponsorship – The MACK is committed to serving our community through affordable and accessible classes, workshops and programs.  Many time we are faced with the challenge of providing a quality program to an underserved community.  Your support can allow us to continue to provide these culturally critical opportunities at a subsided rate.  The more we can serve the greater the health of our community is.  You could be the difference in a local student achieving a major difference in life opportunities and exposure.

Restoration – Our Historic facility, the Keturah Hotel, is only currently functioning at 45% of its full potential. This heritage site is in need of electrical upgrades, ADA compliant elevator, heating, air and access to two remaining floors.  We have an architecturally supported plan for restoration, the end result would be a physical transformation and revitalization to our Historic Town of McCormick.  Allow us the opportunity to share with you very specific steps in our remaining 3 phase plan.


Thank you to our continuing local, regional and state supporters:



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