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Good Shepherd Catholic Church Men’s Club Community Benefit Program awards the MACK funds to support ongoing youth programs at the MACK.
IMG_5133 Steve Rotert and Ron Martin

The Good Shepherd Men’s Club has offered their kindness and support to McCormick through numerous opportunities, focusing their generous contributions to support programs that focus on youth development.  The McCormick Arts Council is a grateful recipient of a $800 support gift to continue a featured Signature Programs here at the MACK.

The MACK provides four major pillars of service; art, culture, education and community. We are actively supporting all healthy community development efforts by engaging our public, increasing access to arts and directly assisting educational programs.

The Good Shepherd Men’s Club contribution would directly support the MACK’s ongoing and expanding programming needs. Contributions will specifically be applied towards the Signature Programs of the MACK. These programs serve our youth, and community members with developmental disabilities. These programs include Summer Arts Camps, After School Arts, Youth Art Month and other ongoing programs. The funds will provide necessary supplies, management and scholarships.

Pictured are Steve Rotert and Ron Martin representing the men’s club.
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Special recognition to the following patrons of the arts for your above and beyond contribution to the McCormick Arts Council.

Gary & Joyce Lytle
Contribution to support “Any Youth Program”

Annaliese Talbert
Contribution to support “Any Youth Program”

James Hogan
Contribution to support “Any Youth Program”

Bud & Lindy Stahlman
Contribution to support “Any Youth Program”


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Summer Arts Camps – Scholarships

A special thank you to our following Summer Arts contributors:

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Last year 15 students were able to receive some form of scholarship aid to continue their attendance in our Summer Arts Camps.

*  A $100 contribution provides 4 students a full scholarship to one camp.

*  A full summer scholarship for student ages 12 – 18 for our 2013 session is $125 for 5 weeks.

*  For students ages 5 – 15, a full summer session is $100 for 4 weeks.

* The MACK offers families with multiple children scholarship opportunities dependent on  the available scholarship funds.

All donations are distributed through the MACK office to families that have expressed interest.  We distribute the available funds in a fair and equitable manner, with respect to each unique family need. We are happy to issue tax donation letters to our contributors.

Thank you for helping us provide art, culture and education to our community’s youth!


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