How can I support the McCormick Arts Council?



This CPA managed “MACK Legacy Fund” is designed to ensure the organization’s long term success. By allowing designated contributions to develop a return through this managed fund, the MACK is able to access critical funding while allowing the balance to increase through a well managed development plan.  Smart investment, designed to grow, providing long term programming.

By increasing contributions from major donors, corporate partners, foundational support and public funding and achieving the financials goals of the Campaign, the MACK will be able to prepare for growth in operations, programming and facility improvements to better serve McCormick County and the region. At the conclusion of the capital campaign, the earnings from the increased MACK Legacy Fund will be used to supplement the budget for increased annual operating support. Over the next five years, the results and impact of the money raised, will advance the programs, events and activities within the cultural district, restoring the health of the historic site and adding to the economy of the developing McCormick County.


The MACK is an anchor in the McCormick.  The organization has served the community for 30 years.  By committing to an annual gift you are allowing the continuation of quality programs and greater impact into our community.  Imagine the possibilities!

The MACK always appreciates contributions, of any size, to aid with the daily needs and ongoing programs of the organization.  These contributions can be for general operation needs, scholarships, or in support of specific programs or areas of need.  For these patrons of the arts, we are able to present personalized methods of recognition for their contribution.  These items are designed and presented to continue their legacy and express our gratitude for their generosity.


The McCormick Arts Council is committed to advance the cultural development of McCormick County through a project for a complete restoration of the Historic Keturah Hotel. The specific plan would focus on achieving electrical upgrades, providing an elevator for accessibility and public restrooms with ADA compliance as outlined in a detailed project plan provided by The Boudreaux Group. This will allow access and use to all levels of the underutilized facility. This plan includes specific phases to allow the 8,000 square ft. facility to achieve ADA compliance while retaining the historic integrity of the host site for McCormick County’s cultural center.  Your contribution could help provide the keystone in our community’s growth!

The future of the MACK, Historic Downtown McCormick, and McCormick County is dependent on a strong collaboration of efforts and a plan to leverage existing assets. The MACK and the developing cultural partners are a crucial part of the success of our community. The MACK envisions the cultural center to advance and be the foundation of a thriving creative community and art industry. Future programs include increased advanced art education, a heightened community awareness campaign, marketing and promotional tools, advanced graphics and design consulting, greatly improved tourism related income and a nationally recognized destination and asset. Projects will be developed to target specific economic development plans, impact studies and quality products as they relate to a healthy creative culture.


Frequently asked questions ….

Why Do You Need My Donation?

The MACK is a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization, having proudly served the community for 30 years.  We do receive some financial help from the Town,  County of McCormick and the South Carolina Arts Commission.  We also receive some funding in the form of grants from various agencies, however this funding is not stable nor guaranteed.  The rest of our funding comes from our annual membership dues, various other contributions, programming income and our own fundraising events and activities. However, the funding that we receive will not ensure the future of the MACK, your donation will certainly assist us in ascertaining that goal and allow us to continue to serve the community for another 30 years and beyond.


Where Will Your Monetary Donation Go? 

Unless otherwise specified, donations in access of $5,000 will go directly into the MACK LEGACY FUND.  This fund is controlled by the MACK’s  CPA, it’s Executive Director, and the MACK Board Chair.  Distribution of these funds will require the approval of all three and two out of the three will be required to sign any checks for funds from the account. All other contributions, unless specified, will go towards supporting the MACK’s Daily Operations.


What Will My Monetary Donation Be Used For?

All Monetary Donations will be used to support the numerous programs that we provide to the surrounding community.  You can be certain that your generous gift will go to one or more of these programs.  


Can I Specifically Request What My Donation Will Be Used For?

Yes, everyone who donates to the MACK LEGACY FUND, can if so desired make a specific request as to how their donation will be used.

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