Support the MACK

The McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK) is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

We receive annual support from the State, County and Town of McCormick.  A major portion of our funding is also provided by our annual membership dues.  In addition, we host a variety of events and fundraisers throughout the year, but continued support from donors and advocates is essential.

If you may be considering to offer a donation, please contact the MACK directly or ask your tax advisor about the benefits of gifting to a nonprofit.  Thank you for supporting your local arts!

Major Donors are patrons of the arts willing and able to give $1,000 or more to aid with the operational needs of our viable organization or to support any program specified.  These generous gifts will help to sustain our county’s cultural center and invest in the advancement of the development of our community.  Please consider contributing annually to help us achieve our long term goals and objectives.  We would greatly appreciate your support, and have a recognition package that we would like to be able to share with you in the event this is the path that best suits your giving abilities.

The MACK Endowment is a financially supporting organization for the MACK.


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Mccormick Arts Council At The Keturah M A C K


Thank you to our Major Donors

The Yoder / Rosenberg Foundation

To support the restoration and ADA Compliance

of the Historic Keturah Hotel / MACK.

The Walker Family

Maria Walker – Thompson & Angela Walker-Franklin

on behalf of their parents Hervey & Leola and their continuing efforts

to build a strong community through culture and education in McCormick.

The MACK Endowment

Sen. Floyd Nicholson’s Community Fund

Karl and Elizabeth Dearmin

To sponsor KeShaunia Jackson to attend SCAD summer institute.

The Self Family Foundation

To support the restoration and ADA Compliance

of the Historic Keturah Hotel / MACK.


The Hanson Family
Mrs. (David Scott) Eleanor Hanson

“In memory of my husband, Dave Hanson, for whom you named a gallery.”

Bill & Susie Hartz

John & Holly Bracknell

George & Pat McKee

Don & Janet Smith

Mitch & Sue Mitchell

The Loy Anderson Miles Stone Foundation / Mary Stone (Advisor)

Matilda ‘Tillie’ Watson Freeland

Aaron & Claire Watson 

Bob & Diane Berry

Bob Sanders

Jeff & Sandy Wilson
Charles Morgan III


Two portraits have been commissioned to celebrate Ms. Patti McAbee, the Founder of the MACK and Ms. Tillie Freeland, a native of McCormick and a true advocate for our community and art organization.

Ms. Patti McAbee, the Founder of the MACK

Ms. Patti McAbee, the Founder of the MACK

Ms. Tillie Freeland

Ms. Tillie Freeland

“To provide art, culture and education to the region.”