Summer Arts Camps – Donations Request

Dear McCormick,
We are preparing for our upcoming Summer Arts Camps and would greatly appreciate a few donations of the following items:
Construction Paper
Altoid Tins (20)
Calendars of National Parks
Manilla Folders
Storage Jars (LARGE Clear Plastic – 64 oz. “mayo” jars are perfect!)
Aluminum Pans
Pantyhose, knee highs, tights (runs don’t matter)
Tapestry Needles 
Rope Making Machine
Unsanded Grout
Tile Clipper 
Mod Podge
Wooden Dowels
These items are a bit unusual from our regular asks. These items are helping us offer a few advanced options in our youth art programs, especially for the students we have served now for over eight years as they grow.
We are also requesting scholarship / Summer Arts Camps contributions to support this youth program.  This program serves nearly 60 deserving students each year. If you are able and interested please contact the MACK. All amounts are appreciated!

Heather McNally

& Marketing 


The McCormick Arts Council (MACK)
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