Youth Art Month – Tonight! Winners announced!

Youth Art Month – Tonight! Winners announced!
March is National Youth Art Month and we are excited to celebrate the work of our middle and high school students. They will compete in separate categories.  Art works may be, but are not limited to paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media, computer design, sculpture, etc. The Youth Art Month Exhibition will be held on Friday, March 10th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Our live piano performance will feature the students of Ms. Jean Gale.


Middle School:        
First Place Mariah Marshall Shattered    
Second Place Michael Marshall The Egyptian Pharaoh    
Third Place Ranissa Mack Despair    
Honorable Mention Jessica Workman A Lonely Tea Party    
High School:        
First Place Devyn Heath Caged Bird    
Second Place Darnell Norman Odonata    
Third Place Da’dra Mack Heated Home    
Honorable Mention Nat’ika Jones Let it Live    
Sculpture – Middle School        
First Place Riley McNally The Horse    
Second Place Ranissa Mack The Giraffe    
Third Place Cyndi Rollins The Looking Pig    
Honorable Mention Mariah Marshall Stopping Racism    
Sculpture – High School        
First Place Joana Cano Laughing Love    
Second Place Priscilla Tucker Nature Girl    
Third Place Priscilla Tucker African Style    
Honorable Mention Da’dra Mack Sweet Fairy Tale    



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