Carolyn McLawhon is featured artist for June!

Carolyn McLawhon is featured artist for June!

The Carolyn McLawhon Artist Reception is scheduled for Friday, June 3rd 2016 from 6:00 – 8:00pm.  This event is open to the public. All are welcome.



On the Golf Course

From a North Carolina country childhood in the 40’s to retirement from the Washington DC Superior Courts in ’94, Carolyn (Rogers Davenport) McLawhon found outlets for her creative nature and pursuit of fine arts all her life.  She chaired the art committee at the Courts for several years, she designed the theme and programs for annual events, and she sought continuing growth via college classes and local workshops, all the while as a single mother.

Having trained in many settings and media, she has always been most drawn to graphic arts.  This is represented in her work, with its meticulous detail of hard lines and contemporary designs.  Even her home reflected an upscale and modern vibe – a crisp black and white palate on which to splash color and shapes that changed over time as her tastes drifted and as styles moved in and out of vogue.  However, although her influences include Kandinsky’s hard-edge abstract expressionism with oils and acrylics, she adored Andrew Wyeth’s warm and soft water color scenes.  There was a short flirtation with etchings, and later a long contentment with acrylics on gourds.

cellular rotation closeup

“Cellular Rotation” (closeup)

She always loved the act of creating art – the doing – and having this thing she envisioned now be something that adorns her view, making her world prettier.   She never created as a means for a business or collected for the sake of having artistic possessions as commodities.  She simply had a keen eye for what would improve any presentation, and then proceeded to make it happen.  She wanted her world prettier, and she wanted others to have a prettier world as well, and if she could contribute to that end in some way that’s what made her happy.

Although she shook the dust off her small town (along with the southern accent and sheltered perspective) as soon as she was old enough to leave home and start her young adult life, throughout her artistic “career” she gave a poignant nod to her roots in every single piece of art she’s ever created by signing “CR” for Carolyn Rogers, using her maiden name.  Her trademark has never changed.

busy day

“Busy Day

Never one for “showing off,” Carolyn was always averse to selling her art or having a show of any kind.  Thus, it has been a strong desire of her daughter, Amy, to honor her mother and her work by finally getting to see her art on display in the town where she retired and made many friends.  This is a final compilation of all the works that are left; there will be no more.

A resident of Savannah Lakes from 1994 – 2014, Carolyn McLawhon’s art will be on display for the month of June.

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