Piano Lessons 2014 by Jean Gale

Jean Gale 2014 - PianoJean Gale – Piano

Piano instruction is offered here at the MACK by Ms. Jean Gale, who has taught in McCormick and Lincolnton for 17 years and in Florida prior to that (piano, organ and voice).
There been a growing awareness of the correlation between the arts and education, especially in the area of piano. It has been shown that students have increased academic standings, not to mention creativity, after becoming involved in piano study.
Contact the MACK directly to register as an interested student. schedule an appointment with Ms. Jean.
$60 / month for weekly 45 minutes lessons. The piano curriculum is geared to each individual, whether child, teen or adult, using one of several proven courses.

Thank you,
Heather McNally
Program Director
McCormick Arts Council
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